This is a short text-adventure fan-game, based on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "You Are Cordially Invited".

Take on the role of Chief Engineer Miles O'Brien on his most challenging adventure, Worf's bachelor party!


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I laughed so much when it said "Work looks at you with disapproval" when I only picked my finger to offer some blood. Oh I just love Star Trek, this was such a gem to play!

And Klingon bachelor-parties sound INTENSE! I was so scared to die each day haha.

Despite feeling like I was close to death each day, putting my life at risk Worf told me "Your actions during these trials have been, well, completely without honor.".  I was like 'Worf ... you cannot mean this!" hahah

I love this slice of the Star Trek-universe :) wonderful work!

Oh no, without honor!? There are a few endings depending on your choices throughout and how much honor you've gained. The normal ending will have you experience it exactly as it in the episode. If you get the best, he even asks you to become Blood Brothers ;) Thank you so much for playing and commenting!