First early-alpha release

Here's the first very early version of Rufous!

This game was inspired by the theme of The Bird Jam, by HSG, and a Youtube video by zefrank called "True Facts: The Hummingbird Warrior". The theme of the jam was "borbs".

The plan for the game is to have a fun (and slightly educational) take on the true life of hummingbirds. The Rufous hummingbird is known for being very aggressive and territorial, and it will defend any food source to ensure that it will be able to thrive and get fat for the long migration back South in the Fall.

Right now the game has:

- Short intro text

- simple neighborhood map - currently with only one selectable area.

- a yard with a feeder, a bush, and one flowering plant to drink from.

- player bird movement and energy tracking.

- a few other hummingbirds  will enter and drink from the sources

- if you attack them, they will fight. If you are currently drinking from a flower/feeder they have targeted, they might fight you, or move on

- when they are low on energy or have drank from all the sources, they will leave the area

- simple pause menu (currently only the Quit to Menu option works)

- some music (Saint-Saens)

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